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Ed Hardy Bumble Bee Temporary Tattoo

The Artistry of Ed Hardy: Vintage Tattoo Artist

By Claudia Folch As a Southern California native born in 1945, Ed Hardy dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist, creating his first works of art in pen, at age ten, on his neighborhood friends. While attending the San Francisco Art Institute, he simultaneously underwent a tattoo apprenticeship, and in 1967, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine [...]

Detailed Temporary Tattoos

Some of the most popular temporary tattoos are our most detailed designs.  Detailed temporary tattoos are in demand because they are beautiful and realistic looking when applied to the skin. This Ed Hardy Panther is one of the most detailed temporary tattoo designs available.  From the panther’s curled claws to his ‘hiss’ at the snake, [...]

Video Blog Friday: Ed Hardy Celebrity Tattoos

Ed Hardy Celebrity Tattoos are as popular as ever!  Find out why you shouldn’t be living without these realistic and detailed designs.   ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** About Tattoo Sales We are excited to be celebrating our 25th year as the world’s largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos! Tattoo Sales produces 7 million temporary tattoos each day, making us [...]

Looking for a Realistic Temporary Tattoo? Try Ed Hardy

Tattoo Manufacturing’s selection of Ed Hardy celebrity tattoos are some of our most beautiful and detailed designs. The vivid colors make the fake tattoos pop on the skin.  The beauty of the art draws attention and makes Ed Hardy tattoos deserving of exceptional design quality. If you want a realistic temporary tattoo, look no further [...]

Tattoos for Girls – Back to School

Temporary tattoos are as trendy as ever!  When it comes to back to school, girls (and some guys) put a lot of thought and care into their ensembles.  Shopping is done in August for new outfits and accessories are selected from jewelry to shoes to backpacks to lunch sacks. With so much care and attention [...]

Body Art Temporary Tattoos

With Fashion Week just around the corner and temporary tattoos the hottest new accessory of 2010, we’re wondering which designers will be incorporating body art temporary tattoos.  Chanel set the trend last Fall with their temporary tattoo line.  Who will have the hottest designs this Fall? Besides the ‘who’ question, there is the ‘what’ question.  [...]

Temporary Tattoo Design: Ed Hardy

When is the last time  you wore an Ed Hardy temporary tattoo? Ed Hardy temporary tattoos are fun to wear because they’re incredibly detailed and bold.  Check out a best seller: the Bee. Plus, Ed Hardy temporary tattoos are based upon the real tattoo art of Don Ed Hardy.  What would be more fun than [...]

Why Asian Inspired Temporary Tattoos are a Must Have

Vivid colors and exquisite designs: these are two of the most sought-after attributes in a temporary tattoo. Asian inspired temporary tattoos hit the mark on these two attributes.  By their very nature they are detailed and, unless it’s a black and white temporary tattoo design, they are very colorful. We see pictures of Asian temporary [...]

Ed Hardy Celebrity Temporary Tattoos

There are a few qualities that make one temporary tattoo favored over another: detailed design realistic look vibrant color scheme Ed Hardy Celebrity Temporary Tattoos hit each of these qualities dead-on! Every design is incredibly detailed, like this Ed Hardy Panther Temporary Tattoo. From the panther’s curled claws to his ‘hiss’ back at the snake, [...]

Temporary Body Tattoos

The most fun attribute of a temporary tattoo is that it can change with your style and mood.  Everyday can be different! If you’re feeling edgy, wear a skull.  If it is time for a relaxing walk on the beach or a stroll downtown, wear a henna temporary tattoo.  If you’re going out for a [...]