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Celery Stamped Valentines DIY Card

Favorite Homemade Valentines

We’re calling it now: 2013 is the year of Getting Crafty. We are already huge fans of Pinterest and the millions of crafty DIY ideas that we find there every day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for crafting and creating. Who needs expensive store-bought Valentine’s cards when you can make your own at home? Kids will love handing out cards that they made themselves. And, to amp up the cool factor, we suggest including themed temporary tattoos or stickers in every Valentine’s Day card.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up our favorite homemade Valentines.

1. Celery-Stamped Valentine’s Cards

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Dip celery stalks in the paint color of your choice. Firmly press on paper. Voila! Instant rose. (Source: Homemade Serenity). We suggest adding a Valentine’s Day surprise to every card.

Celery Stamped Valentines DIY Card

2. Super Hero Valentines

Materials needed: lollipops, paper, markers, scissors, tape…and your favorite superhero temporary tattoos. Ready, set, go. (Source: Zakka Life)

Super Hero Valentines

3. Valentine’s Day S’mores

How cute are these? Just put marshmallows, graham crackers, and mini chocolate bars in goodie bags. Add a cute tag (we love the idea of “Every Day I Love You S’more”). (Source: Two Shades of Pink)

Valentine Smores

Need more Valentine’s inspiration? Check out our Valentine’s Day inspiration board on Pinterest. And, you’ll find all of your Valentine’s Day card fillers and goodie bag treats at We have thousands of kids’ favorite temporary tattoo and sticker designs.


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