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Tattoo Manufacturing Olympics Temporary Tattoos on the News

Temporary tattoos spotted at the London Olympics!

We’ve been prepping for the London Olympics for months. For the world’s largest temporary tattoo manufacturer, that means printing extra world flag tattoos (including lots and lots of US flags) and fielding big requests from customers. We were excited to help out the US Olympic Committee with their request for 300,000 official Olympic rings tattoos. We printed and shipped the tattoos from our Tucson, AZ headquarters this spring.

Fast forward to the first weekend of Olympic competition. Our TV screens were dotted with Olympic rings temporary tattoos – on swimmers, on gymnasts, on coaches and on fans! Our entire team of 100+ employees is proud to see the tattoos we made in Tucson decorating athletes in London.

We wrote a press release to share the scoop on our connection to the Olympics.

And, our local NBC station even dropped by to interview the Tattoo Manufacturing team about our contribution to the 2012 Olympics. Watch our segment here:

Tattoo Manufacturing Olympics Temporary Tattoos on the News

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We are excited to be celebrating our 25th year as the world’s largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos! Tattoo Sales produces 7 million temporary tattoos each day, making us the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world. All of our products are made in the USA in sunny Tucson, Arizona.

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