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Nanobugs Teaches Infection Prevention with Custom Tattoos

Who: Nanobugs Inc. is a healthcare and education organization dedicated to creatively teaching people of all ages about microbiology and infection prevention. The nanobugs are imaginative characters that represent different bacteria, viruses, and fungi. From bird flu, to botulism, and salmonella – all of the common ailments are represented! The Need: Shortly after launching in 2006, [...]

Child Abuse Prevention Tattoo

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Hannah Tooker The month of April welcomes spring weather, longer daylight hours, and the promise of new blooms. However, April means so much more in the world of the countless children who have been affected by child abuse. Child abuse prevention month is a time when people are encouraged to speak up and speak [...]

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The Daily Dot Spreads Brand Awareness at SXSW with Custom Tattoos

Who: The Daily Dot is an Austin, Texas-based news site covering tech, politics, sports, and pop culture. The Need: The Daily Dot team was brainstorming ideas to promote their brand and get their name out during the 2014 SXSW festival and conference. Figuring many other companies would print stickers,The Daily Dot decided to tap into the popularity [...]

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Temporary Tattoos: The Perfect Test Drive for the Real Thing

By Hannah Tooker Nowadays, many people are much younger when they start thinking about getting ink done in a permanent capacity. Often it becomes an issue for them much later in life when they regret the decision they made at a young age. Tattoos are something that cannot be erased (even with new laser technologies) [...]

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An Exploration of Augmented Reality

What Is Augmented Reality? In 1957 Morton Heilig, the “Father of Virtual Reality” debuted an invention called the Sensorama. This machine provided a multi-sensory virtual reality experience using 3-D films, smells, sounds, and even seat vibrations and wind to mimic movement. Today’s sophisticated virtual reality simulators and hardware make Heilig’s invention seem silly by comparison. [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Stunning Spring Tea Party!

By Hannah Tooker  Spring has almost sprung! This Thursday March 20th marks the first day of spring and with spring comes many things. Spring means flowers, showers, and beautiful warm weather. Spring is the perfect time to have a party like you always dreamed of. No matter how old you get, you are never too old [...]

"C'mere boyo. Sure the lads today don't have feelin' for what it was like in our day!" -- St. Patrick's Day Parade - 2013

The Origin of St. Patrick’s Day Traditions: What Does All the Green Mean?

By Christian Wise   St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and with it comes the celebration of everything Irish! The holiday is held on March 17th, the date of Saint Patrick’s death. St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the Life of Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Traditions associated with the [...]

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Our Charity of the Month for March: Boy Scouts Troop 90 of Bend, Oregon!

We are lucky enough here at Tattoo Sales to be able to donate temporary tattoos to many different organizations around the country that are making a difference in their communities. This month, we wanted to help out a great Boy Scout troop from Bend, Oregon and donate to them 5,000 temporary tattoos that they can [...]